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Bring your old records and audio tapes back to life

Bluelizard can digitise all your audio tapes to the best digital format to suit your needs or to CD. We treat your media as if it is it is our own and use only the best available players and software. Be aware that a lot of audio tape players have not been made for over 20 years and at the time of reading our players are operational but for how long we do not know.

Please note that Copy Right may apply

1/4 Inch Reel to Reel

Bluelizard can copy/digitise most 1/4 inch tapes including 2 & 4 Track, 10″ & 7″ reels and fast and slow speeds. We digitise to most formats including MPG3 for easy listening and to the broadcast and archiving standard BWF format.


We use professional cassette players whilst digitising ensuring that your cassettes are copied to the best standards.

Vinyl Records

Nothing beats the sound of vinyl but if you do want to make a CD copy for the car we can help.

For more information call or email on:

Phone: 02 98104312
Mobile: 0404 130085


DAT Tapes

DAT tapes are a fairly recent format but due to their small width and thin thickness these tapes are degrading quickly. Also good players are increasingly becoming harder to find making DAT tapes one of the tape formats unlikely to be able to be copied in the near future. We have one player that is operational at the moment.